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Browsing and Purchasing

Can I view guides and see tools / materials links without signing up?

Yes, just search or browse any category and click on any guide.

Why can't I leave a review for a guide?

You need to sign up in order to review guides.

How do I reach the materials and tools needed for the guide?

Go to the guide page and press the order button (the big blue one), you'll reach the checkout page where you have links to all the matrials and tools you need.

Can I change my username / email / personal details?

Yep, just go to your user page, click settings and change them all there.

Where do I enter my dog's name?

We're working on it, this is a major feature planned for 2028.

Guide Publishing

Can I publish a guide without signing up?

Not at the moment, you need to sign up and activate your account.

I've signed up and tried to publish a guide but I am redirected back to the homepage, what do I do?

Please check that you have activated your account, an area at the top of the page should appear with the relevant info.

I've created a guide and I can't publish it, why?

Oops, something is probably missing, check that you have entered all mandatory fields, they should appear on the right when you are scrolling.

My guide is just a youtube video, what do I do?

Choose guide type: "Video" at the top under the title, go to the bottom and enter your youtube url, the cover image will be updated automatically.

Do I have to enter materials and tools?

You don't have to enter tools, but we've never heard of a guide without materials at all - so one material at least is mandatory.

What are the mandatory things I have to enter in order to publish a guide?

The title, time, difficulty, category, cover image, description, at least one material.
For step by step guides: at least one step with title description and image/video.
For video guides: video link.

Wow writing a guide is long and time consuming, I can't finish just right now, what do I do?

Just save the guide as a draft and continue later, you can always find your guides on your user page.

How do I delete a guide step?

You can find a small 'x' on the right of the step title, you can't delete the first step.

Can I choose which materials to link to while creating the guide?

Not at the moment, our editorial team picks the most appropriate products on the stores affiliated with creojam during the process of approval.

How much time does it take for a guide to be reviewed?

Usually up to 24hrs, if the guide is rejected you will get an email, if not you will see your guide is active on your user page.

Can users find my guide while it's pending approval?

Nope, users will only see your guide after it has been approved by the Creojam editorial team.

I am a guide publisher, how and when do I get compensated?

If somebody purchases a material or tool via a link from your guide page (on any website we are affiliated with), you will get 1.5 cents for each dollar a person spends on this product (1.5%) - example: for a $100 purchase you will get $1.5.

The payout date will be every 10th on the consecutive month - you will get compensated for all sales from the previous month assuming you have reached the minimum payout amount of $10 in earnings.
In case you haven't reached the minimum payout amount the payment will be postponed to the next month and so forth until the minimum amount is reached.
You will also get an email with the list of guides and links you were compensated for.

The compensation will be transfered via your paypal email - please update it on your user settings screen (your user page -> settings).
Important: If your paypal email is not updated by the 10th each month, your payment will be postponed to the next month.

Note: The feature above is still in Beta stages, our customer support will address you by email with all the details about compensation.

How do you track the purchases?

We are official affiliate partners of all stores featured and linked to from our site, we use their affiliate systems in order to track all clicks and purchases to the products linked from Creojam.


How do I get featured on your blog?

Go to the contact page and leave us a message.

What are those guides that have a store's logo on them?

Those are featured / sponsored guides published by Creojam editorial designed to promote our partener's products.

I want to report a guide because it violates my copyrights

Intellectual property and copyrights are very important issues to us, we are working on a report button for every guide, meanwhile please go to the contact page, leave us a message, and we will review and remove this guide asap.

I've encountered "an unexpected Error".

Don't worry, our dedicated software makers(engineers) are notified immediately and will take care of the problem as fast as possible.

I have some some suggestions about the site

Go to the contact page, leave us a message, we will be happy to receive any kind of feedback.

I am dizzy when I get up from the sofa too fast

Try getting up slower :)

For more questions: [email protected]